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Because aging is not a disease and cannot be healed, we will concentrate on a couple of main points: The types of conditions people develop as they age, and the dreaded and most hated, premature aging.

As we get older, we quickly realize that the vitality we enjoyed as kids has now abandoned us as adults. As we age essential body fluids such as reproductive fluids, skin moisture, secretions of the endocrine system (hormones), and basic secretions such as lubrication of the joints have dried up and diminished. Skin wrinkling, sexual dysfunction and arthritic conditions are all a result of this occurrence. Both men and women are affected differently depending on what hormones are involved.

Anti aging for men

One of the most common problems of aging for men is a diminished sex drive. This is a result of a reduction in testosterone levels. In addition, the prostate begins to enlarge resulting in what is known as BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy), which if left unchecked can cause a variety of urinary problems. These problems include, too frequent urination, not enough urination, and in severe cases pain.

The male hormone shift can greatly benefit from exercise, and adequate sleep. Physical activity is also good for the prostate and could help diminish prostate enlargement. The prostate gland is located behind the male scrotum, and can be felt through the anus. In addition, regular Kegel type exercises every day, where one repetitively contracts the spincter muscles of the anus, comparable to the motion of trying to stop and start urination midstream, repeated a number of times in sequence throughout the day, is a very efficient treatment for maintaining prostate health.

Male prostate problems can be helped immensely with a variety of foods and herbs. The known action of foods and herbs that mitigate BPH is to thwart the development of testosterone in dihydrotestosterone in the prostate gland. One of the simplest treatments to maintain prostate health is to eat a few tablespoons of pumpkin seeds each day. Taking supplemental zinc is also very helpful to dropping the size of the prostate gland.

A number of herbs available are just as effective as drug medication for the prostate, but without the side effects. These herbs include saw palmetto berries, pygeum, and the root of the stinging nettles.

Anti aging herbs

The best anti aging herb is a great Chinese herb that you cannot get anywhere but China. The herb is called Wuling ginseng. Although it is called ginseng, it is not related to the ginseng family. It is a fungus that grows in a discarded white ant terminary. Because of its immune tonic benefits, increasing vitality while at the same time inducing calm, restful state and broadly treating a number of symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances it is greatly associated with ginseng.

This herb is beneficial for all ages, but it is a universal remedy for all imbalances related to aging.

This herb has immune system and anticancer properties, which increases the immune system by increasing white blood cells. In addition, it increases the cytotoxic action of macrophages in destroying tumor cells by stimulating the production of lymphokine interleukin.

This herb has anti-anemia function, which is helpful in escalating red blood cells and therefore, counteracts anemia.

This herb also has sedative, sleep enhancing, and memory-enhancing properties in which, it promotes patterns of sound, restful sleep. In concurrence with this, it has a unique brain protective action, enhancing memory and alleviating depression.

This herb is also antifatigue, in which it increases energy and counteracts stress, as confirmed in a number of studies.

This herb also has an antisenility action; Studies were done using a female fruit fly, in which it significantly prolonged its life.

This herb also helps urine output and frequency, in which it increased the urinary output of rats by one-hundred and forty percent, and in humans, this means better urinary output and eventually less frequent urges. It also improved urea-nitrogen filtration, thus aiding overall detoxification.

Wuling ginseng has been proven repeatedly in a variety of tests and studies conducted by the Chinese manufacturer to be beneficial for a litany of hormone-related problems in men and women. When studies were done on men with BPH, it was found to be over ninety percent effective in reducing the size of the prostate and regulating urine flow. In the case of women, it was found to be highly helpful for regulating menstruation through all ages as well as the symptoms leading up to and occurring during menopause.

Women and aging

When it comes to women, perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause are all different situations with different considerations. The exact meaning of menopause is the period beginning one year after the monthly cycle has ceased. Nonetheless, the time leading up to menopause also called perimenopause can proceed for years before there is a noticeable stopping of menstruation. Hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, poor memory, mood changes, headaches, vaginal dryness, and night sweats are all a wide variety of symptoms experienced during this period. Depending on the individual, these symptoms can go on for years or weeks.

As a temporary way to alleviate the symptoms, some doctors will recommend hormone replacement surgery. During this procedure estrogen and/or progesterone is taken in supplementary form. Most women however, do not opt for this procedure, because it is believed to increase the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, alternatives to this treatment, which include estrogenic food and herbs, are a welcome alternative for most women.

Exercise is among one of the best treatment for age related problems for both men and women. Try to start and maintain a regular exercise program. Another important key to the regulation of hormones is called isoflavones. These compounds found in some herbs and foods are able to engage the hormone receptor sites in the body and either block hormone absorption if it is too much or enable it by converting to the needed hormone when it is too little.

Vitamin E and vitamin C have been recognized by a number of women to be very effective in relieving hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. A number of studies have proven the positive experiences of these vitamins. Vitamin E is also known as the anti-aging vitamin, and is beneficial to coronary health.

Leading up to and during menopause there are beneficial herbs that have been proven effective over the span of many years. One of these herbs is black cohosh, which was used by Native American women, and immigrant European women. Black cohosh contains estrogenic activity, which was proven during recent studies in Germany. Symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, and uncomfortable vaginal dryness due to decreased estrogen were reduced by using this herb.

Another well-known herb from Europe called chastetree berry is known to normalize female sex hormones. It has exacting benefits in helping to regulate both progesterone and estrogen levels and alleviating all menstrual irregularities as well as depression linked with premenstrual disorder and the menopausal years.

Red clover is another great herb, it is related to the bean family, and like its relative the soybean, is high in potent isoflavones and will naturally increase estrogen. This herb is also found to have anticancer properties.

Dong quai is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine as a blood tonic for women, and it helps regulate menstruation. It works by promoting circulation throughout the uterine cavity and consequently enhancing all related functions.

Although declining hormones is one of the mainly evident causes of aging in both men and women, there are other symptoms and tendencies as well. Both men and women, but more so in women, thyroid function slows as we get older and the related slower metabolism of food often results in the gaining of weight. Cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis also becomes a greater risk. Arthritic and rheumatic problems are also ubiquitous complaints of aging.

Premature aging

Wrinkling, drying skin, brittle bones, gray hair, and loss of sexual desire are all symptoms generally associated with aging. These symptoms can show up in men and women as early as their thirties or early forties. Aging is also a genetic problem, but through life-style changes and proper diet and exercise, it can be slowed significantly. If you are serious about slowing down the aging process, a great longevity program that includes exercise, wholesome diet, clean air, restful sleep, and eliminating stress will put you on the right track.

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