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It will truly benefit anyone to make use of natural anti aging skin care methods for superb looking skin. People I have met were absolutely amazed when I told them I am 46 years old.

Some said that I look at least ten years younger. The secret in looking younger for me is I have the wonderful privilege of being married to a healthcare consultant. My wife helped me by making sure I regularly take certain supplements.

The Benefits in Using Natural Anti Aging Skin Care

I lead a very busy lifestyle and found that taking 2 Alfalfa tablets after breakfast gives me the energy boost I need for the day.

What is particularly useful is that it has no side effects. My wife gave me some inside information on alfalfa. She told me that it’s the food cows eat. Dairy cows are fed a mixture of grain and alfalfa hay.

Alfalfa is said to contain eight essential amino acids. What I found amazing is that it’s indeed a natural protein and rich in chlorophyll.

As alfalfa also aids digestion it certainly helped me in being regular in the mornings. This way any toxins get effectively illuminated from my body.

There are such a lot of benefits in using supplements as well as cell foods. I cannot even begin to mention them over here.

Home Remedies that Proved useful for My Skin

I absolutely love eating bananas and avocado and found them to be of great assistance as a natural anti aging skin care method for smoother and younger looking skin. You can imagine my surprise when told that they can both be actually used for your skin.

Over a year ago I had a couple of warts on my hands. I didn’t like them so I made a decision to get rid of them.

My good friend told me to use a banana peel. Just by rubbing the inside of the peel every night it was not long before I could not see those warts anymore. I found making a facial mask using avocado as an ingredient was very useful in removing dead skin, dark spots, and even helped in acne treatment.

You will find that using certain home made remedies coupled with very good supplements go a long way in anti aging treatment. It worked for me.

The funny thing is that other people keep telling me how young I am looking. It shows you how certain home made remedies can be uses as natural anti aging skin care.

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