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Our skin is constantly under attack. During the summer season it is from sunlight, and during the winter it is the dry and cold winds. Add to this the countless dust particles in the atmosphere and all of them combine to form a lethal weapon which damages our skin to a great degree. The dust particles, in conjunction with our sweat, clog up the pores of our skin, thus denying them the option to breathe. And these are just the attacks that take place externally.

On the inside, processed food that we eat weakens our body. A good portion of such foods remain back undigested within our system and provide an ideal breeding ground for dangerous toxins that destroy the immunity system, disabling its ability to cope with the attacks taking place externally on the skin.

Over a period of time, these factors start aging our skin prematurely making us appear older than we actually are. Most of us feel disturbed and feel embarrassed when we see these creases and lines on the surface of our skin. In order to combat this disturbing menace, some choose to resort to anti-aging medications that promise to resolve our issues.

Unfortunately, very few of bother to probe deeper and learn the root cause of the problem. If they did; however, they would discover that we are able to resolve the problems of premature aging of our skin simply by using natural anti-aging ingredients that are found in most homes. In many cases, just changing our food habits can dramatically reduce these problems. Mother Nature has been kind enough to provide an array of options to her children and by making full use of them, we can easily gain back the lost shine and luster of our skin.

Few people are aware of the extraordinary anti-aging effects of the humble potato. The fine wrinkles on the surface of our skin can easily be removed by applying a paste of potato and apple sauce. Take 2 tablespoons of the latter along with one medium size potato and grind them together to form a smooth paste. Now apply this on your face and let stay for half an hour. Rinse away this natural anti aging mask with lukewarm water and check out the glow on your skin.

It is well known that vitamin supplements can enhance the look of your skin. Instead of opting in for such supplements, why not use ingredients available in most kitchens that perform the same task. Mix up equal amounts of lentil flour and tomato puree and to this add half teaspoon of lemon juice and some turmeric paste. This mixture should be applied to your face 2-3 times week and will help you to remove wrinkles from your skin and leave it glowing and shining.

One can also use mashed ripe banana paste or mashed ripe papaya paste as a facial. Apply the same on your face and wash off with lukewarm water after half an hour to get back the glow on your skin. Do not forget to drink lots of water, especially during the summer season, to compensate for the loss suffered by sweating. Finally, avoid fatty foods and instead opt for foods that are rich in fiber content. Doing these things will provide your skin with a natural anti-aging defense and hopefully help it win the battle.

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