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Inevitably, as we age, so does our skin. Often, however, the skin can look older than our actual age. Years of exposure to sun, wind, pollution and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on our skin. This, combined with the slow down of production of collagen and elastin that help the skin stay smooth and tight is what can make the skin appear to age faster than we are.

Good anti-aging and wrinkle creams with the right ingredients can help to slow down and somewhat correct the problem areas. But there are plenty of other things that you can do slow the progression of damage and improve your skin.

Anti-Aging Diet
A change in diet can have positive effects on the skin, as well as overall health. Foods that are rich in antioxidants like fruits vegetables fight the free radicals in our bodies that cause cell damage. This includes skin cells. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body and your skin hydrated.

Anti-Aging Home Remedies
There are some home remedies that many people swear by to help with their skin problems. We all know the benefits of exfoliation to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Some people believe that rubbing milk on the face after washing will remove dead skin cells and help to generate new cells. Supposedly, a raw potato rubbed on the face can help reduce discolored areas. Lemon juice that contains vitamin C can make the skin clearer and get rid of age spots caused by the sun.

Several vitamins, including A, B, B-6, B-12, C, and E contain anti-aging properties. They are great sources of antioxidants discussed earlier. Vitamin E keeps the enzymes in all cells throughout the body from getting damaged. A multivitamin with all of these vitamins plus selenium is a good choice. Selenium protects the body from all forms of cancer, including skin cancer.

Common Sense
One of the most important factors in keeping your skin healthy is to protect it from the sun. It is the sun’s UV rays that cause the skin to get age spots and wrinkle. Always apply sunscreen when you plan to be in the sun for any length of time.

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