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Let us take it with a pinch of salt that all of us who are approaching the mid life are really worried about the dark spots or the age spots that are visible on our hands, neck and face. Well, like any other situation we have 2 options, either we can mull endlessly over the problem or we can act and get rid of it. I feel you would choose the latter.

Going by the conventional wisdom you can use one of the many home remedy for age spots. All these are very easy to find in the kitchen. In fact most of them are very easy to procure too. Few examples are:

Castor Oil – It is known that if you rub this oil regularly over the effected areas then in few months these age spots disappear.

Aloe Vera – This is the most used and extremely beneficial home remedy for age spots. It is known for its many medicinal values like treating skin and maintaining health of hair.

Honey – It is an excellent moisturizer and anti bacterial and is known to treat the imperfections of skin. If used regularly it makes your skin smooth and flawless.

You can keep using these remedies without worrying about the side effects but the issue I see with these home remedies is that all said and done we are not scientists and experts. We actually do not know what goes inside the skin. And moreover we do not know what is the exact proportion in which these ingredients should be mixed and used i.e. we have no clue on how to make an effective product because we do not know the recipe.

This is exactly the reason I am proposing that our skin needs something more than home remedy for age spots.

We need effective and natural products that contain ingredients that are designed to target the root cause of problems. In the case of age spots the root cause of accumulation of melanin and dry skin. As we grow and our skin gets exposed to sunlight, this pigment called melanin breaks down and results in appearance of these brown spots.

If you are really looking forward to see instant results within weeks then use skin care products that contain an ingredient called Extrapone Nutgrass. This herb has a quality to breakdown the accumulated melanin. Thus it helps in getting rid of ugly looking patches. Also there is an ingredient called CynergyTK, when applied topically it is known to increase the quality to skin cells. Healthy skin cells secrete more natural oil and prevent the skin from getting dried.

So there you have it, two ingredients that can work in synergy with the home remedy for age spots you have been using. Trust me; you will be amazed to see the level of results you achieve with them.

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