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It’s a cruel fact of life – men look distinguished and more intriguing with a few lines on their face, but the same amount of wrinkles or crow’s feet on a woman makes her look and feel worn out and haggard. So it’s no surprise that women ages 30 and up become extremely aware of the aging process and every nook and cranny emerging in their skin. Instead of blowing your savings at a Botox party, you can use healthy, organic ingredients found in most homes and almost every grocery store to improve your skin and minimize the visible signs of aging. Along with a good diet and a positive outlook, these homemade anti-aging remedies can drop years from your face and psyche.


The humble potato has amazing anti-aging uses, due to its high starch content that makes it an ideal natural exfoliator. Make an inexpensive facial scrub by blending a medium-sized russet potato with two tablespoons of applesauce. Let sit on the skin and relax for about 20 minutes, then sluice the mixture off with a warm water rinse. The potato skin and starch will remove layers of dead skin for much cheaper than a spa facial. You can also use potato slices over your eyes to battle puffiness, the same way you’d use cucumber slices.


Vitamin supplements can do far more for you than keeping your immune system in balance. You can actually apply them directly on your skin for extra moisture. Vitamin E, in particular, can rehydrate tired skin and minimize the appearance of scars. The natural citric acid in lemon juice and tomatoes can also act as an exfoliant – try mixing tomato puree with some lentil flour, a half-teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and a half-inch of turmeric paste for a refreshing face mask. Use this twice weekly to keep your skin glowing.


Papaya and banana can do wonders for dry skin. Simply mash and apply for around 20 to 30 minutes, then use a washcloth and warm water to gently wipe away the mixture. Finish up with a little lotion or Vitamin E to thoroughly pamper your skin.


If you’re already seeing fine lines and wrinkles sprouting on your face, you should try coring a pineapple and using it as a homemade buffing sponge. Once you’ve rubbed the pineapple all over your face, neck, and throat, you should leave the pulp to dry for no more than 15 minutes before washing off. Don’t forget about your decolletage and hands as well – those body parts can age a person dramatically if they’re left untended.


Water is one of the most natural and powerful anti-aging remedies around. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of fluid each day plumps up your skin, thereby disguising or filling in any fine lines or wrinkles. Water can also flush toxins from your system that could cause breakouts, and it will help your skin from becoming dry and flaky.


A fresh-cut lemon is an acne sufferer’s secret weapon. Just dab a couple drops of lemon juice on a cotton ball and swipe it over your face as a natural toner. Lemon juice can minimize redness, blotchiness, and even help lighten age spots. Women with sensitive skin should cut the lemon juice with a teaspoon or so of water before applying.

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