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When we were in New Mexico for Christmas this past year, my brother gave Seth this super fancy shmancy shaving cream from Bath and Body Works. It smelled like Eucalyptus and basically felt like a full out spa treatment for your face.

He really enjoyed using it but recently ran out. And by ran out I mean legit ran out…that dude did everything short of using a high powered vacuum to get every last little bit of shaving cream out of there.

So I thought to myself, “Self – we can either buy Seth another painfully overpriced tube of this stuff from Bath and Body Works (my favorite place in the entire world by the way…I spend half our salary during October stocking up on Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotions and candles…and then the other half in December on their Christmas scents…) orrrr we can try and make an equally awesome version at home!

But for reals…making homemade stuff like this is so much fun! I did it as much for myself as I did for him…but he doesn’t have to know that…shhhhhhh.

Reasons why making products like this at home is awesome:

1. It’s fun.

2. It’s so satisfying to use a product that you made yourself.

3. It makes awesome gifts.

4. You can control the ingredients and scents to be perfect for you.

5. It’s fun.

So naturally I wanted Seth to test this stuff out before I posted it on here in case it was a huge bomb, and he loved it!

It gives you a nice smooth shave and moisturizes your skin like nobody’s business. He said he liked it “way more than the bottled shaving creams we usually get” and even liked it better than the fancy B&BW kind because of how soft it made his skin afterwards.

Like a baby’s butt (my words not his…).

And ladies…it makes their faces nice and kissable too ;).

So initially this was just supposed to be a “homemade men’s shaving cream,” but then I decided I wanted to try it on my legs.

And ohhhhhhhhh my goodness….

Best shaving experience of my life. I don’t particularly enjoy shaving but this stuff might change my mind. It seriously feels like you are running silk over your legs instead of a razor – it makes the process SO smooth!

And then your legs are so amazingly soft afterwards. I was expecting my legs to feel a little greasy after I finished, but they didn’t at all!

Soooo…now I am partially talking my gift back and changing it to something I made for the both of us. A shareable gift!

Totally using it every time I shave. Goodbye cheap Barbasol shaving cream!

And here’s the thing – it’s not even that expensive! The only product I had to buy for this was shea butter. I already had coconut oil, already had essential oils, and already had olive oil.

And the shea butter at my local health store was ABSURDLY expensive, but I got an entire pound on amazon for 8 bucks…and you only use a quarter of that in this recipe (I’m using the rest for a whipped shea body butter that I will post at some point in the future).

I’d consider 8 bucks super cheap for a big ol’ jar of this fancy shaving cream!

So here’s how you make it (sooo easy!):


1/2 cup of coconut oil (4 oz)

1/2 cup shea butter (4 oz)

1/4 cup olive oil

Eucalyptus essential oil – how many drops you want to use will depend on how strongly you want the shaving cream to smell. I would start with 20 and go from there.


In a double boiler,* add in the coconut oil and shea butter – break the shea butter up into smaller pieces before adding it so that it melts faster.

Once everything is melted, transfer to a large bowl and stir in the olive oil

Place in the fridge and leave there until everything has solidified – it doesn’t have to be hard, just no longer liquid-y – kind of like softened butter

Once it has solidified, transfer to the stand mixer bowl (or use a hand mixer and leave it in the same bowl) and whip for about three minutes, or until stiff peaks form.

As you are whipping the shaving cream, add the essential oils. You can stop this process periodically and rub a little bit of the cream on your skin to test the scent level and decide whether or not to add more essential oil.

Transfer to an airtight jar and store in your bathroom!

Enjoy the best shaving experience ever!

*To assemble a double boiler, fill a medium pot with a few inches of water. Place on the stove over high heat and place a glass bowl on top of the pot. The bottom of the glass bowl should not be touching the top of the water – if it is, then your water level is too high and you need to pour some out. Bring the water to a simmer, and it will gently melt your ingredients that are in the glass bowl.*

This recipe makes about 2 cups.

Notes based on comments:

  • I have had a few questions in the comments regarding the shaving cream melting when placed on your skin. The shaving cream will melt as you rub it onto your legs (because of the low melting temperature of the coconut oil), but it still has the exact same wonderful effect – it just becomes clear! So when this happens to you, don’t think you did anything wrong! Just keep on slatherin’!
  • In regards to it clogging your razor or making your shower slippery – since this is an all natural product, it might be a little heavier in your razor than the store bought varieties. This was zero issue for me; what I do is just keep a little cup of water in the shower and swirl the razor around in there every few shaves. Super easy and quick! As for the slippery floors, this didn’t bother me either. It can make your floor a bit oily, but I never had any problems with that.
  • A few people have had problems with the mixture not solidifying in the fridge after melting everything together. The only thing I can say here is to make sure you have the right products before starting. Particularly, make sure you don’t have liquid coconut oil. If you look in my pictures above, you can see (in several of them) some crumbled shea butter in the upper left corner and a spoonful of coconut oil in the upper right corner. Make sure both products are solid. The shea butter is very solid, kind of like a block of soap, while the coconut oil is solid but soft and spoonable. If you use these products, everything should harden right up to the consistency of softened butter in your fridge.
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